Made for a Purpose

by Ty Carlson When someone asks what my favorite movie is, I tend have a hard time answering. Do they mean my favorite comedy? Elf,

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You’ve Been Set Apart

by Ty Carlson When I was younger, I always loved collecting rocks. My dad would go to Colorado on a hunting trip and would always

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You have a Place to Fit

by Ty Carlson Have you ever gone to put a puzzle together only to find that the box you grabbed is actually several puzzles combined?

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They Did.

by Scott Sutton I have three books (aside from the Bible) that I recommend to all new Christians: •“Eternity in Their Hearts” by Don Richardson

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Church is Boring

It’s Sunday. Circa 33 A.D. On Thursday, everything was fine. In fact, maybe it was about to be great. Triumphant. World-changing. On Friday, everything went

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They Hated Me First

by Scott Sutton I was speaking to a friend of mine recently about Jesus’ words to his disciples in John 15. Specifically, verse 18. He

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