The Last Words of Jesus- Week 1


The Last Words of Jesus Week 1- March 11th, 2018

What is this series about?

The last words of a person are very telling of who a person is or was. Over the course of this series, we will be examining seven statements that Jesus made before his death. Through this examination we hope to learn more on this Jesus we follow. At His most vulnerable, we can really ask: Who was He? Why do I follow Him?

Two Statements of Jesus’s Last Words:

  1. John 18:28-29 “I am thirsty”– We see the God of the universe expressing a physical need.

                 Refers to Psalm 69: Jesus fulfilled scripture in this moment. 

       2.   Matthew 27:45 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”- Jesus expresses an emotional and spiritual need. 

                 Refers to Psalm 22: David crying out to God

BIG IDEA: Jesus was authentically human. He was both fully God and fully human. 

The idea or concept that Jesus was both fully God and fully human is called Hypostatic Union.

Jesus had the full power of God and was fully relatable as a Human. 

What does this mean for us?

  1. Jesus understands
  • Understands What?- What ever you need Him to understand.  What if in your darkest hour, you could know that Jesus understood how you felt?  

2.  Jesus is the only one that can save.

  • You need forgiveness. You need restoration. You need something bigger than just a generic Jesus, but the fully God/fully Human Jesus who can save and understand you.
What if in your darkest hour, you could know that Jesus understood how you felt?
— Charlie Loften

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