Small groups

Helping Men & Women Follow Jesus Together

Loving one another
is a big deal to Jesus.

He talked about it a lot, and at the Grove, we talk about it a lot too.

Life is just too difficult to be lived in isolation and God intends for us to thrive in community.

When most people think of church, they typically think about what happens on a Sunday morning.

While Sundays are important, they’re incomplete. We need people we can know and be known by. We need a community that can serve us, and that we can serve. And this can only happen in a small group setting. 

knowing and
Being Known

The number of people that can really know us and whom we can really know is limited, but having this small group to do life with is just not optional.

At the Grove Church, we have a network of small groups that meet throughout the week and all over Northwest Arkansas. These groups vary in structure, season of life, and content.

Fill out the “Find a Group” form, and we’ll help you get connected with a few groups that could be a good fit for you. 

Fit Your Needs

We would like to help match you with the one that best meets your needs.

(and then whatever next step we want to say….even if it is to view the available groups, I’d like to really push them to give us some details so that we can get involved in matchmaking)

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