Grove Women

As we all know,
Women wear a lot of hats

At any given moment, we are mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, coworker, and so many others… all at the same time!

This can feel so heavy and we can feel pulled in so many directions at once. Even though we all struggle with this, we can still feel isolated and alone in it.

Connection And Community

The women of the Grove strive to eliminate that loneliness among our body of believers in a ton of different ways. We are passionate about connection and community and we believe that doing life together is a commandment to be prioritized.

We believe that women should seek and know the Lord with a passion that can’t be rivaled, and that a personal relationship with Him comes through studying His word together and individually.

Bible Studies And Hangouts

Finally, we believe that women who are seeking to connect should have easy and accessible means of doing that, so we strive to provide lots of ways to join us from weekly Bible Studies to monthly hangouts to quarterly events.

We love seeing our body of women grow closer to each other and to Jesus. Let us know if you want in!

Meet Loren
Women's Director

Loren has been attending the Grove since her college days at U of A back in 2008 along with her husband, Taylor. They left NWA for three years in 2013, but came back to the Grove in 2016 with the addition of their son Fawkes.

Since coming back, Loren has enjoyed being involved in the creative team and is commonly known as “the facebook lady”, helping out with the Grove’s social media. Loren is currently the director of operations for Go Rogue X, a video podcasting company.

When she is not working, Loren enjoys drinking large amounts of coffee, attempting gardening, playing board games with her hubby, and chasing down her roaring, dinosaur loving boys, Fawkes and Field.

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