Jacob the Liar

by brandi harris

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Bible characters are supposed to be upstanding, bold, brave heroes of the faith. They’re supposed to be strong and morally upright. They should inspire armies of God-lovers and embarrass the neigh-sayers.

Except most of them don’t. They aren’t impressive. They’re embarrassing actually. They’re murderers. And whores. And liars. Like Jacob, who was named a liar the moment he was born. They’re incredibly UNLIKELY victors, who cheat their way through life and miss God’s signs and fail to believe him when he promises things.

Remind you of anyone you know? Someone normal perhaps? And boring? Someone who wanders through life, doing their best, but failing often?

What makes these characters noteworthy is not their uprightness, nor their successes, but their willingness to be molded and used by a virtuous, good God. Their EVENTUAL humility (after being humiliated usually). Their holy personalities that let the light through. So the story ends up being about the good God, not about the human being used by Him.

What kind of God loves such faulty people? What kind of God picks Average Joe for his team? What kind of God blesses the least likely? What kind of God helps the loser win?


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